The Source

A Membership Group Coaching Program for Parents looking for Support, Strategies, and Like Minded Connections

What is The Source?

Are you struggling with parenting, feeling frustrated and confused or are you looking for more support, strategies and like minded people to connect with? If this is you, join my group coaching program The Source.

As a parent, you are the source of life, love and light to your children and family and whether you believe it or not, you are the VIP or most important person in your family. Thriving, being confident and loving as a parent grows strong healthy relationships, positive interactions and supports your children to grow into healthy, happy big people.

This group is for parents of children 5-15 who want to:

It’s relaxed, informative, interactive and fun with a small group of like minded parents who want to do things differently or are struggling with knowing what to do. 

"Our family came very close to completely breaking down, the thought of not having our family together was too painful to even contemplate. Lisa has taught us how to be a close knit unit again, something which had been sadly lacking for a long time."

- Mel

Parenting can feel overwhelming and lonely at times.

This group coaching membership program incorporates strategies, education, and methods I have used in my therapy practice over many years to help parents, children and families become more connected, loving, and happy.

The Source Program is delivered via monthly Live sessions via Zoom facilitated by Lisa; it’s like having your very own therapist/coach for a couple of hours.

In between the live sessions, you have access to your private Facebook Group where you can post about your wins and get support from Lisa and connect with others in the group.

Want to know more?

Hello, I'm Lisa

Lisa is a Family therapist, parenting coach, educator and consultant with over 25 years’ experience working with families, children and organisations. Most importantly, she is a busy wife and mum of 3 gorgeous teenagers, a beautiful 2 yo Golden retriever and a grumpy 14 yo Cavoodle.

Lisa is a thought leader and works with families to map their needs, strengthen relationships and support changes that grow people, and thus families.

Lisa’s mission is to create an experience of connection and belonging that allows love to thrive.

Lisa understands the central elements of strong, trusting and sustained relationships to ensure effective communication, connection, and growth.

Lisa’s passion for creating sustainable change for families drives her to achieve high quality results in all areas of her work and to partner with those with the same vision to create greater impact and positive change.

Lisa has created The Source Coaching Program and The Ultimate Parenting Success Program along with other resources in response to parents wanting more, easy to access information to improve communication and connection within their family.

Lisa’s qualifications include:
Master of Family and Systemic Therapy Grad Dip Soc Sc (Family Therapy)
Dip Education (Primary)
Grad Dip Special Education
Adv Prac Life Coaching
Developmental Psychiatry
NLP Master Practitioner and trainer

""I simply cannot tell you how grateful I am for us that we met you and your knowledge has helped us so much already, forever thankful."."

- K

How does the live group session work?

Each month Lisa will host a group Zoom call that will start with a brief coaching focus based on the needs of the members of the group. The 1x hour session will cover questions and issues that you are experiencing along with solutions, strategies and support. You can submit questions before the call and they will be answered in the session.

What are the benefits of group coaching?

You won’t feel alone: One of the hardest parts of parenting is thinking that no one else is struggling. In a group, you get to see what I see… that parents are all struggling with similar difficulties. By hearing from others you will feel less alone and it’ll normalize your experience of parenting.

When one person asks a question you get the answer too:

Sometimes someone else will ask a question you didn’t realise you had and everyone gets to benefit from the learning of others. It’s not always necessary for you to do the talking, your biggest breakthroughs might be from just listening.

You will get the same parent coaching experience that I share with individual clients: We follow a clear framework so you feel less confused about how to approach the difficulties in your household.

How many people will be in a group?

Groups will be capped so that there is enough time each session to answer everyone’s questions.

How is privacy and confidentiality handled in the group?

We ask that group members respect the privacy of their own families and share only details that are necessary in Q and A. Lisa will also seek to answer questions that protect the privacy of families involved in the group. We ask that everyone in the group maintain confidentiality of the other group members’ identities. Only those registered to the group will have access to the call.

When are the group calls?

Currently these calls are held monthly at various times via zoom. Get in touch to find a time that suits you. 

What do I get for my membership?

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