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Earlier this year we approached Lisa Taylor out of desperation for our daughters wellbeing. Lisa was
very highly recommended by a number of GP’s at the practice we attend so we did not hesitate to
contact her.
By the time we met Lisa, G had been in constant physical and emotional pain for many months and
was sinking further into severe depression and anxiety. This affected every part of her life and had an
extremely negative impact on our family as a whole. We were extremely worried not only for G, but
also for the relationships within our family as we were not coping with the amount of stress and strain
on our relationships.
Over a six month period we visited Lisa individually and as a family unit. Right from the beginning she
was very warm, welcoming and caring and made everyone feel at ease in such an intense situation.
She was always extremely thorough and provided many valuable strategies for us to work with.
Lisa worked very closely with G to rebuild her self confidence and alleviating her stress and anxiety,
in turn improving many of G’s physical health issues. After countless absences from school this year
G showed great strength in term 4 to attend school most days and also go away on the grade 6
interstate camp for a week. G is also proving to be well on the way to recovery showing a great deal
of excitement and anticipation for the progression into secondary school, a move that earlier in the
year we thought was going to be extremely traumatising for her.
Our family came very close to completely breaking down, the thought of not having our family
together was too painful to even contemplate. Lisa has taught us how to be a close knit unit again,
something which had been sadly lacking for a long time.
Without Lisa’s unwavering support and counselling I dread to think where we would be now. She has
completely turned our lives around and we are all looking forward to moving into a new and positive
year together.