Parenting Kids With Anxiety

Anxiety, Power Struggles and Other Things That Drive Parents Crazy!

What is the Parenting Kids With Anxiety Program?

Do you have a primary-aged child who expresses worry and anxieties or is worried about being back at school after lockdown, or perhaps things are really chaotic at home and you’re losing your mind!

We’ve developed a brand-new deep dive 4 session program to give you the confidence and strategies to handle almost anything and still like yourself afterwards.

It’s 4 weeks with Lisa for 90 minutes with a group of like-minded parents and plenty of learning and fun. Numbers are limited.

These sessions cover practical ways to support your child’s anxiety, why it is happening now, how to handle the crazy out-of-control times and what causes kids and adults stress and anxiety. We will also uncover the 3 most powerful tools you will ever need as a parent.

How is this program delivered?

The program is delivered via Zoom video call over 4x weekly 90 minute sessions facilitated by Lisa. Plus ongoing email support for the 4 weeks.

"I loved being part of this program. It was great to be part of like minded parents who get what it's like to parent a kid with anxiety. I learned so much about my child and also about myself and it helped me to deepen my relationship and connection with both of my kids. Thank you Lisa!"

- Participant - Parenting Kids With Anxiety Course

Hello, I'm Lisa

Lisa is a Family therapist, parenting coach, educator and consultant with over 25 years’ experience working with families, children and organisations. Most importantly, she is a busy wife and mum of 3 gorgeous teenagers, a beautiful 2 yo Golden retriever and a grumpy 14 yo Cavoodle.

Lisa is a thought leader and works with families to map their needs, strengthen relationships and support changes that grow people, and thus families.

Lisa’s mission is to create an experience of connection and belonging that allows love to thrive.

Lisa understands the central elements of strong, trusting and sustained relationships to ensure effective communication, connection, and growth.

Lisa’s passion for creating sustainable change for families drives her to achieve high quality results in all areas of her work and to partner with those with the same vision to create greater impact and positive change.

Lisa has created The Source Coaching Program and The Ultimate Parenting Success Program along with other resources in response to parents wanting more, easy to access information to improve communication and connection within their family.

Lisa’s qualifications include:
Master of Family and Systemic Therapy Grad Dip Soc Sc (Family Therapy)
Dip Education (Primary)
Grad Dip Special Education
Adv Prac Life Coaching
Developmental Psychiatry
NLP Master Practitioner and trainer.

This parenting program will give you the confidence and strategies to handle almost anything.

"I simply cannot tell you how grateful I am for us that we met you and your knowledge has helped us so much already, forever thankful."

- K

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