We provide businesses or organisations with tailored packages to meet their specific needs. The insights, clarity and understanding staff will experience strengthens their knowledge, skills and connection, setting in motion innovation, growth and excellence.

Services are delivered as:

The delivery of our services can also be structured into phases of work, which builds in accountability and success measurement to ensure the intended outcomes are achieved at each strategic point in the process.

"We serve people to discover their truth, know their worth and build the skills to create greater connection to themselves and others in families, business and life."
Lisa Taylor
"Excellent. One of the best sessions I've been to."

Lisa is our leading consultant and  is a thought leader in evidence informed practice, where she is advising, designing, and implementing projects and training on change management, strategic frameworks, and best practice. She works with business leaders to map their needs and develop and implement innovative training and development programmes that grow people, and thus business.

Lisa’s mission is to create an experience of connection and belonging that allows love to thrive in a business context. As the creator of the Relationship Based Leadership Framework, Lisa understands the central element of strong, trusting, and sustained relationships to ensure effective leadership, team engagement, and business growth.

Clients with whom Lisa has worked include Hannover Life Re Insurance, Total Beauty Network, National Justice Project, Dept Health and Human Services, The Salvation Army, The Education Department, Barwon Child Youth and Family, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services, The Family Relationships Centre and Deakin University.

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