About Me

Lisa Taylor

Child and Family Therapist, Educator, Consultant and Director of Strengthening Families Australia

So who am I and why work with me?

I am a super sensitive, deep thinker with more feelings than you can imagine who loves really connecting with people and using my highly sensitive superpower to listen to what’s in people’s hearts and hear what’s not being said.  I love watching those I connect with thrive and feel more connected to themselves and others and grow in confidence.  Whether it’s working with individuals, families or business teams, the core of my craft is helping people to see who they truly are in the world and understand the gift they are to others. 

Besides being a wife and busy Mum of 3 teenagers, I love working with conscious parents, families and businesses to help them become more connected, confident and to thrive.  I truly believe that when we have strong, trusting and connected relationships we are capable of loving ourselves and others on a deeper level. 

So if you’re sick of struggling with your relationships or worried that you’re stuffing your kids up, connect with me and let’s see how I can support you.

Here's the other info you might like

Lisa is a consultant, coach, and family therapist, with over 25 years’ experience working across business, government, education, community services, clinical services, not for profit organisations, as well as with complex and vulnerable families.

Lisa is a thought leader in evidence informed practice, where she is advising, designing, and implementing projects and training on change management, strategic frameworks, and best practice. She works with business leaders to map their needs and develop and implement innovative training and development programmes that grow people, and thus business.

Lisa’s mission is to create an experience of connection and belonging that allows love to thrive in both family and business contexts. As the creator of the Relationship Based Leadership Framework, Lisa understands the central element of strong, trusting, and sustained relationships to ensure effective leadership,  connection and growth.

As well as the many families Lisa has worked with Clients with whom Lisa has worked include Hannover Life Re Insurance, Total Beauty Network, National Justice Project, Dept Health and Human Services, The Salvation Army, The Education Department, Barwon Child Youth and Family, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services, The Family Relationships Centre and Deakin University.

Lisa’s passion for creating sustainable change for businesses and families drives her to achieve high quality results in all areas of her work and to partner with those with the same vision to create greater impact and positive and sustained change.

Lisa's qualifications include:

‘My mission is to create an experience of connection and belonging for families that allows love to thrive.’

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