Creating experiences of connection and belonging that allows love to thrive.​

At Strengthening Families Australia we value relationships, all relationships.

We support people to truly understand themselves, each other and the world in which they live, so they thrive feeling loved, connected and confident.

We use different strategies when engaging with families, parents and children and provide a compassionate, kind and curious approach to each individual situation.

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We serve people to discover their truth, know their worth and build their skills to create greater connection to themselves and others in families, business and life.

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"The time spent with Lisa has allowed me to understand myself as a child, a teenage and women, what my core needs are, how my behaviour effects those around me, the attitudes and relationships that I have with loved ones and moving forward how I can achieve balance to be the woman that I want to me, not only in my mind but in my behaviour and perception of those around me. I value the conversations and clearness of Lisa's analogies as they given me guidance and an understanding of what it means to be kind, and to love oneself so that I can be kind and loving to those around me."

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